Do you need temporary support or specific expertise in finance or insurance? A team of highly trained consultants is ready to assist you immediately.

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Looking for a new challenge in finance or insurance? Get started as a Finsider. Together we will outline a personal action plan for your career.

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With the Finsiders Academy, we give finance & insurance professionals like you access to all the knowledge and skills you need. The financial landscape is changing rapidly and it is our mission to support you professionally in your personal growth.

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"Finsiders takes matters into their hands and thinks along with the organization. They took our culture into account, smoothly integrated into the existing approach and also built on this. More than a successful collaboration."
Peter Tytgadt CFO TH Group Finsiders
Peter Tytgadt - CFO TH Group

7 reasons why your company would love to partner with us

Switch faster when faced with new challenges, with immediate access to a flexible pool of finance experts. 

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The best experts on the market

In a very challenging job market, we release only the best financial experts for your project. We constantly sharpen their knowledge and skills in the Finsiders Academy.

Fast, flexible and scalable

Need an extra pair of hands quickly? For a short or long term project? It doesn't matter. With access to a flexible pool of immediately deployable experts, you can easily scale up or down from now on.

Reduced costs and financial risks

Greater efficiency is at the heart of our approach. Your company saves on labor costs, infrastructure, training and sky-high recruitment costs. Moreover, you avoid risks such as work stoppage.

More productivity, less worries

Thanks to their specialized knowledge and skills, our experts deliver immediate operational added value. So you can focus better on your core business and achieving your strategic business goals.

A service beyond expectations

Excelling is in our genes. Our mission is only accomplished when we have far exceeded your expectations. We do this by fully relieving you of all your worries with an all-in-one service.

A reliable finance partner

Finsiders wants to be a solid, long-term partner for your company. That's why we think along with your organization and are also a sounding board for your finance team. Achieving your goals is our primary focus.

Keeping up with technology and the market

We keep our finger on the pulse of the financial world for you. We closely follow new technologies, best practices or legislation. As a result, we perfectly understand which approach fits your project.

“A challenging project that requires specific knowledge? An extra push to meet your deadlines? Our financial experts are here for you. Fast, smart and flexible."
Bram Vergote, Managing Director Finsiders